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Reserve Krzemianka


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The archaeological peculiarity of the reserve are prehistorical flint mines and quarries from three thousand years ago, where material for production of stone tools was obtained. These were discovered in 1991.
The reserve "Krzemianka" was created in 1987r. on the area of 230,91 h. Its eastern part is situated in the commune of Czarna Białostocka, and the western one – in the commune of Dobrzyniewo Kościelne. The reserve covers the boggy valley of Krzemianka stream which is fed with water by abundant sources situated at the base of the moraine hills that surround the valley. The elm-alder wetland make a perfect nesting and feeding ground to small insectivorous mammals and rodents as well as variety of fowl. There are 14 protected plant species in the reserve. The most interesting are two species of butterfly orchids – the lesser (Platanthera bifolia) and the greater (Platanthera chlorantha), the Turk's cap lily (Lilium martagon) and broad-leaved helleborine (Epipactis helleborine). The orchids themselves make a half of protected plant species in the reserve. The most interesting fragments of the reserve can be seen during a walk across a 4-kilometer long path. Apart from natural curiosities, there are other attractions to see, such as open-air ethnographic museum of bee-keeping and the trees used for forest bee-keeping as well as a flint mine dating back to the Bronze Age.


Czarna Białostocka
Provincia: PODLASKIE
Latitudine e longitudine: 53.3022,23.2878
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