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Pulawski Grotto

In the former residence of the Czartoryski family in Pulawy, which included the palace and the palace gardens, next to numerous monuments, there is a labyrinth of underground workings on the escarpment of the River Vistula, between the palace and Sybil’s Shrine. These workings, from the 18th century were named the Pulawski Grotto and considered a historical site.

Historical reports link these historic workings of the mining of limestone which was used in the construction of residences in Pulawy. Duchess Isabella Czartoryska included the cave close to Sybil’s Shrine as an integral romantic part of the palace park. The grotto was given the appropriate appearance and chapel with an altar was installed in the largest chamber. To induce a mood of menace, Duchess Czartoryska instructed that a statue of a sleeping panther be laid at the entrance to the caves which was brought especially for this purpose from Italy. It can be seen today in the Gothic House.
A section of the Pulawski Grotto excavations is in the shallow slope of the escarpment located in the immediate vicinity of and parallel to the River Vistula spit. The excavated chambers and corridors are included in the Grotto complex and have a total length of about 140m. In the places passageways lead into small chambers of which the largest has been called the Chapel. Research, conservation and safety measures that have been conducted since 1984 have made it possible for the Pulawski Grotto to be opened to the public since 2001.

Polish Country Tourist Association
Tourist Service Office
Ul Czartoryski 8a
24-100 Pulawy
Phone: +48 81 886 47 56
mobile +48 505 206 775
e-mail: bortpttk.pulawy@wp.pl

Grotto can be visited everyday from 15 April till 30 October between 09.30 and 17.00
Tour Length is about 140m
Duration of the tour is about 20 minutes
Sightseeing is unaccompanied with torches which visitors receive at the entrance to the Grotto
We recommend comfortable, athletic shoes and warm clothing in the summer


Provincia: LUBELSKIE
Latitudine e longitudine: 51.4867278511695,21.983642578125
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