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Mechowskie Grottos

These pseudo-karst formations are a protected natural reserve, due to their unique character. They were formed in the last ice age by glacial deposits.

Mechowo, the Kaszubian village located in the Darzlubska Forest, conceals the small but famous caves known as Mechowskie Grottos. They are the most peculiar inanimate nature feature of the Polish Lowlands or even the European Lowlands. They are rare formations that have originated from glacial sediments during the most recent glaciation.
The cave, which was formed due to an accumulation of glacial deposits, was discovered in 1818.
In 1910, the district council in Prussia bought area and restored the grottos. Their popularity as a tourist attraction has lasted from that time till today.
The total length of its passageways is now 61m of which only a small portion is made available to the public.
The cave along with its surrounding area, a total of 750m² is a today considered a nature reserve.

Municipal Cultural, Sporting and Tourist Centre in the Municipality of Puck
Ul 10 Luty 29
84 -100 Puck
Tel: +48 58 673 20 96 or +48 58 673 16 55
E-mail: oksit@oksit.puck.pl

Grotto Guardian:
Malgorzata Szczesek
Tel: +48 58 673 90 02

The cave is open every day (including holidays and Mondays) during the period:
- summer season: April - October, Monday to Saturday between 11.00 and18.00, Sundays and holidays, between 11.00 and 18.00
- winter season: November – March, Monday to Sunday between 11.00 and 15.00
It is possible to visit at other times but only by prior arrangement with the Grotto Guardian
Length of tour is about 30m
Duration of the tour is about 10 minutes
The internal temperature is about 7.5° C and the humidity is between 90% and 98%
The route is not electrically illuminated.
It is not suitable for people with physical disabilities due to low ceilings in the passageways
We recommend comfortable, athletic shoes and warm clothing in the summer
Sightseeing is unaccompanied


Provincia: POMORSKIE
Latitudine e longitudine: 54.7135154840039,18.2898330688477
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