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Łagów Landscape Park


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Łagowski Park Krajobrazowy
Kościuszki 9
66-220 Łagów
Provincia: LUBUSKIE

This park protects scenic lakes full of fish, steep hills, undulating surface of the fields and meadows with rich vegetation and many species of animals.

Łagów Landscape Park was established in 1985. The park area is 4,929 ha. The most interesting natural elements are picturesque troughs of the Łagów and Ciecz lakes with a length of 15 km and a large complex of beech forests growing on a culmination of an end moraine.

The peculiarities of the Łagów complex are black storks, nesting on old oaks and beeches.

It is especially worth coming here in the autumn when the deciduous forests take all shades of orange, red and brown, creating a romantic mood. The Park has a well-marked network of hiking, biking and nature trails.


Provincia: LUBUSKIE
Latitudine e longitudine: 52.3345,15.2977
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