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Krzczonów Landscape Park


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Zespół Parków Krajobrazowych Wyżyny Lubelskiej
Czechowska 4
20-072 Lublin
Fax+48 815325039

A large variety of soils creates a beautiful landscape that is worth to see.

Krzczonów Landscape Park was created in the centre of the Lublin Upland. It is characterized by undulating terrain slotted deep with river valleys with steep slopes. Denudation buttes and gullies are major landforms of the area. A large variety and mosaicism of soils affects the diversity and abundance of plant complexes. There are alder forests, wetlands, oak and hornbeam forests mixed with beech, bright oak forests, mixed forests, xerothermic grasslands and scrub, low peat bogs, Molinia meadows and ruderal and segetal aquatic vegetation.


23-110 Krzczonów Pierwszy
Provincia: LUBELSKIE
Latitudine e longitudine: 51.1714,22.4045
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