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Drawienski National Park


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Drawieński Park Narodowy
Leśników 2

The varied landscape is a joy to behold and is perfect for fans of ornithology – as many as 130 different species of animals are found here.

It is found at the intersection of the Pomeranian, Wielkopolska and Lubuskie districts. It was founded in 1990 and covers an area of 11,018.5 hectares including an area of 368 hectares under strict protection. Around the National Park a buffer zone has been added with the total area covering 35,590 hectares. The Park represents the nature of the Drawska Forest and includes part of it as well as the valley of the River Drawa (middle section), the valley of the River Plociczna and the central part of the Drawska Plains. Around its borders is a landscape of plains occasionally interrupted by hills. Both rivers have a fairly fast current meandering through steep sided ravines. These areas are covered in dense forests. Parts of the pine forests are protected in their natural state as well as woodland with beech, hornbeam and oak. Forests cover almost 80 percent of the park area. Around 130 different species of birds represent the world of birds which includes the black stork, the red kite, the white-tailed eagle and the lesser spotted eagle. Larger mammals are represented by wild boars, foxes, deer and the otter which is also the symbol of the park. The natural treasures of the park are best discovered by canoe along the River Drawa, a popular waterway. There are also several dozen kilometres of hiking and cycle paths.

Drawienski National Park – Drawno (woj. Zachodniopomorskie)



Leśników street 2
Latitudine e longitudine: 53.2137,15.7412
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