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DĘBINA Reserve


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Nadleśnictwo Kłodawa
Gorzowska 31
66-415 Kłodawa
Provincia: OPOLSKIE
Fax+48 957279730

DĘBINA reserve invites !!!
Dębina: -area: 58,95 ha -geografical location: Valley of Nysa Kłodzka The aim of protection the reserve is preservation of very unique deciduous forest communities (lat.- Carpinetum betuli) existing there in garlic's type. In almost 160-year old forest, there dominate: lime, oak and ash with some of their specimen with their girth of 150 cm. The characteristic feature of the forest is the Common Snowdrop locally appearing. You can also observe there: Bear's garlic(Ramsons), Buckthorn, Cowslip.


Provincia: LUBUSKIE
Latitudine e longitudine: 49.9671,20.6621
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