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Cactus Farm in Rumia


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Europe’s largest cactus farm housing in excess of 2 million plants

The biggest attraction in Rumia, a town near Gdynia, is the Hinz family Cactus Farm, in which grows a difficult to imagine number of these succulent plants. In three greenhouses there is the largest collection in Poland, and probably in Europe, of cacti, agaves, euphorbia and other succulents with over 2 million plants, representing over 6,500 different species of these varieties of plants.

The pride of the Cactus Farm are the several metre high cacti from Arizona, the equally dominant Aloe “trees” and the oval but spiky 1m diameter cacti known as the “Seats for the In-laws”. The Cactus Farm in Rumia has been singled out repeatedly at various exhibitions where the beauty and diversity of the cultivated cacti here is appreciated. The whole farm is open to the public for free as are the tours, but small voluntary donations are welcome which allow the development of the collection.

Even better is the purchase of a young plant which can be compared to a larger, often flowering version of the same species. The Cactus Farm is in an attractive location on the coast and frequently visited by tours and tourists.

Andrzej and Lucja Hinz –Rumia (woj. Pomorskie)



Partyzantów street 2
Provincia: POMORSKIE
Latitudine e longitudine: 54.5860125,18.401763
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