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Church of St. Adalbert in Kielce


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The establishment of this temple and the city of Kielce is mentioned in a legend of Mieszko, son of King Bolesław the Bold, who exhausted from the fight with bandits sent by his uncle Ladislaus Herman, was saved from death by St. Adalbert.

Church of St. Adalbert was founded in 1763 by a canon J. Rogalli in place of the wooden (larch) temple founded about 1084. The present Church is maintained in the classical style (it was rebuilt in 1885-1889). The main altar holds a painting by Jan Styka, Multiplication of bread, and side altars hold other paintings by the artist: St. Joseph. John of Nepomuk, St. Francis and St. Rosalie (on the southern middle pillar). Near the Church there is the so-called lantern of the dead - a stone pillar with a statue of Christ, Man of Sorrows of 1732. In front of the Church there is a small section of the wall, where the Germans shot Home Army soldiers in 1943.


Plac Św. Wojciecha street 9
25-307 Kielce
Latitudine e longitudine: 50.8728031,20.6363755
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