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Castle in Oporow



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This is a wonderfully preserved castle that dates back to the mid 15th century and now houses the Museum of Stylish Interiors.

This small late-Gothic castle was built between 1434 and 1449 by the Archbishop Ladislas Oporowski on the site of an earlier defensive structure. At the time it was the centre of the vast estates of this family. It was situated on an island surrounded by a moat and is one of the few surviving monuments of this kind in Poland. In the following centuries it changed hands often and as a result of this, in the 18th century, some minor building works were carried out to rebuild the walls. During this time the four-sided tower was joined to the south wing. In the second half of the 19th century, in the surrounds of the castle, on the site of the former Renaissance garden, a landscaped park was established with two pavilions – Little Neo-Gothic and Little Swiss Houses. Subsequent works have not changed the look of the castle. After World War II it was restored but without altering the original Gothic style. Since 1949 it has been the home of the Museum of Stylish Interiors whose exhibits include works of art and crafts. These are collections from different ages, from the 16th century to the early 20th century – paintings, sculptures and handicrafts. Museum – Castle in Oporow (woj. Lodzkie) www.zamekoporow.pl


Oporów 34
99-322 Oporów
Provincia: ŁÓDZKIE
Latitudine e longitudine: 52.26428,19.564282
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