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Castle church of St.Jadwiga


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Very interesting church worth seeing for its architecture, rich history and highly valued monuments of sepulchral art.

Castle church of St.Jadwiga - presbytery of a former collegiate church built in 14th century, rebuilt in 16th century as a mausoleum of Piasts dynasty of Legnica and Brzeg. After destroying the church and collegiate buildings in 1741, in 1783 there was other rebuilding. During rebuilding of a castle in 20th century, the church became a gothic one. In the church crypt, there are 22 cooper and tin sarcophaguses with remains of Piasts from Legnica and Brzeg. The sarcophaguses comes from 16th and 17th century and they are highly valued monuments of sepulchral art. Some of them are exposed in a museum.


Zamkowy place 1
49-300 Brzeg
Provincia: OPOLSKIE
Latitudine e longitudine: 50.8609,17.4668
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