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Indoor swimming-pool


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AQUAPARK in Brzeg warmly invites!!!Riding on a 62-meter slide, whirlpool, mini slide, water umbrella, water massages, although the biggest attractions but not the only ones.
AQUAPARK in Brzeg is a recreational object, where introduced the most modern technic solutions. It guarantees high standard of services in recreational swimming and small hydrotherapy. The object is equipped with the newest air-conditioning system guaranteeing proper humidity and persistent temperature of air. Its own water refinery make the water clean as drinking water. Attraction of the object is a 64-meter long water slide, which is loved by adults and children. for the youngest ones, there is a paddling pool with water temperature of 31oC,mini slide and water umbrella. For people who wants to relax there is recommended whirlpool, where there are alternate water and air massages, the relaxing massages are performed in water of 34oC.


Wrocławska 11
49-300 Brzeg
Provincia: OPOLSKIE
Latitudine e longitudine: 50.8635,17.4609
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