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Fort Gerhard


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This is the most onteresting and the oldest fortification structure on Wolin Island.

This is the most interesting and the oldest fortification structure on Wolin Island. It was built in 1856-1863 around the framework of  pre-existing defensive earthworks. The fort s original structure was a two-storey, oval redoubt, subsequently surrounded with a wet moat, which functioned as barracks and combat centre.  in 1870-1881, a series of tenbrick artillery posts was built on the northern defensive rampart, where  a battery cannons was mounted. This battery, in cooperation with Western Fort , quarded the roadstead of Świnoujście port  until World War I. In the interwar period and during World War II, the fort was used as an auxiliary structure and fortress s storage facility. Fort organises mittings, barbecue, sightseeing night.


72-610 Świnoujście
Latitudine e longitudine: 53.907083,14.272111
Fax+48 918856215
Messaggistica istantaneaFB:https://www.facebook.com/fortgerharda
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