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Film Art Center


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The center is located in the place of former cinema "Kosmos", began its activities in 2006, has two modern cinemas which show movies in addition to serve the organization of film festivals and thematic reviews. There are viewers were prepared for the visually DVD projection, in which the multiple monitors can also watch some movies. Visually, a collection of over 2600 film titles. In addition, the Center works with a collection of Film Reading over 1300 books on the subject of the film. The center is located Cinematheque Silesia (the second largest in the country after the National Film Archive in Warsaw). Works and Services Department of Film Production and Film Promotion Team and Cinema.

  • Monday - Sunday: 8.00 - 22.00

Visually and Reading:
  • Monday - Wednesday: 9.30 - 17.00
  • Thursday - Friday: 8.00 - 16.00


Sokolska 66
40-087 Katowice
Provincia: ŚLĄSKIE
Latitudine e longitudine: 50.268592195242,19.019994735718
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