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Club 3 Worlds


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3 Worlds Club is a place for everyone who likes to have fun with the best sounds of music. The club's name is not accidental, are in fact the three rooms-each one decorated in a different style. The 3 Worlds Club has something for everyone. Inside walls and ceilings can find many paintings and hand-made figures whose theme emphasizes the uniqueness of each sal.Każda meeting room is equipped with air conditioning and high-quality satellite TV equipment. The security of guests watching the 24-hour monitoring equipment each of the rooms.
Open seven days a week:
Monday to Friday hours. 16:00
Saturday from 18:00
Sunday from 15:00


Edyty Stein
42-700 Lubliniec
Provincia: ŚLĄSKIE
Latitudine e longitudine: 50.6697445,18.682579
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