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Jasiołka Gorge Nature Reserve


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ZKPK Krosno
Bieszczadzka 1
38-400 Krosno

Jasiołka Gorge – a nature reserve with the area of 123.41 hectares, lying between Ostra and Piotruś hills. It protects 272 species of vascular plants.

The area of the reserve covers a classic and very typical Low Beskid region of the gorge section of the Jasiołka River with a particularly picturesque landscape and varied morphology.

The reserve is rich in extensive landslide tongues and niches, rock falls and large debris fields. Diversity of terrain elevation is 230 m (390 - 620 m above sea level). The flora species include: Aposeris foetida, Aconitum degenii, henbane bell, Carex transsilvanica and others.

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Latitud y longitud: 52.0001,15.0031
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