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Bay in former sand mine in Myślin


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Bay in former sand mine - precious area of nature and landscape in Myślin.
It is a complex of closed sand mines where You can observe many interesting plants and animals. In its closest surrounding, there are also picturesque dunes covered with pine forests where exists standpoints of Ground Pine and Stiff Clubmoss. On the banks of the bay there are protected species of: Common sundew that belogs to group of carnivorous plants and Lycopodium inundatum that is the smallest Lycopodium. From many species of "hatch" birds, the most interesting are: Little Ringed Plover, Eurasian Coot, Locustella naevia. In the valley of Myślina river that goes in the neighbourhood of sand mine, there is planned founding of nature and landscape complex.

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Provincia: OPOLSKIE
Latitud y longitud: 50.9294,18.4732
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