Warsaw 11.1 ºC
1 EUR = 4.76 PLN

Stadion Wrocław


Tipo di unità:
- Open all year round
Orari di apertura:
Martedì - 09.00-11.00
Venerdì - 09.00-11.00
Commenti su. Disponibilitài - Możliwość zwiedzania tylko dla grup zorganizowanych (powyżej 15 osób)
- 10-12 zł

The new stadium - classified as a Class "Elite" - built for the Euro, is a sports arena, a concert auditorium and a conference centre.

Translucent fiberglass shell covering the body of the structure gives lightness and transparency to the building. A special lighting system allows to change the color depending on the dramaturgy of the show. The stadium contains conference rooms, Business Club, Fan Bar, numerous dining options, a disco, a casino and a gym.


  • there are 6 floors, length 272 m, width: 224 m, height: 39 m, roof: 38 000 m2
  • field size: 68 x 105 m, natural turf
  • capacity of 42 000 spectators, including 204 places for people with disabilities, 1738 in business class, 218 seats in the lodges
  • design: Architects J.S.K
  • distance of the first row of the audience from the field - 7 m


Śląska avenue 1
54-145 Wrocław
Latitudine e longitudine: 51.143495,16.9421449
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