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Gorczanski National Park


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Gorczański Park Narodowy
Pręba Wielka

A huge variety of plants and birds, often unique in Europe

It was created in 1981 and occupies an area of approximately 7,030 hectares. Within its borders is part of Gorce mountains with the highest ridges between Mount Turbacz and Mount Gorc and Mount Kudlon. The National Park protects the unique natural treasures of the central and north-eastern parts of Gorce. Their forestation is very specific – the lower slopes of the mountains are covered in mixed woods called the Carpathian Beech Forest (with beech and fir trees) and above this is the zone of subalpine forest with the spruce being the dominant tree. Here trees live to a ripe old age. The uniqueness of Gorce is the clearings associated with settlements and pastoral farming. The flora of vascular plants includes about 800 different species with some of the most precious being the Mountain Zarzyczka and Omieg, varieties of snowdrops, orchids and ferns The unique qualities of the Gorce vegetation predispose to many species of wildlife -particularly wolves, lynx and varied species of hoofed mammals including deer and roe deer. There are also many species of rare birds. In the park there are several dozen tourist trails including those for cyclists, hikers, horseback riders and educational nature trails.

Gorczanski National Park (woj. Malopolskie)



Poręba Wielka
Latitudine e longitudine: 49.6074833,20.0614939
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