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Chełm Protected Landscape


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There is a lot of worth seeing calcareous rock formations – Pagóry Chełmskie and Obiżenia Dubienki – that form beautiful landscapes.

Chełm Protected Landscape covers 34 thousand ha.

The area encompasses characteristic landscapes of Pagóry Chełskie and Obniżenia Dubienki.

They are massive elevations built of calcareous rocks (chalky marlstone) alternately with boggy basins, in which you can find all types of low peat bogs, including carbonate peat bogs characteristic for this region.

Local forests, developed on fertile habitats, form mixed forest stands with rich ground cover and undergrowth.

Chełm Potected Landscape’s specific function is the formation of a regulator of the aerosanitary and hydrological conditions around Chełm’s industrial areas.

Within the area there are two authorised nature reserves: Serniawy and Roskosz.


Provincia: LUBELSKIE
Latitudine e longitudine: 51.0493,23.6302
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