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Dębno Castle


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Debno Castle is a late Gothic style knight's residence dated between 1470-80 and is the best-preserved of its kind in Poland.

The clang of steel, knights in armour, beautiful Ladies; every September in the grounds of Dębno Castle a medieval jousting tournament “for the plait of Lady Tarło” takes place.

The castle is an excellent example of gothic style mixed with renaissance motifs. The bay windows, the towers, and the lovely stonework add to its beauty. It was built between the years 1470-1480 by Jakub Dębiński and later belonged to the families of Tarło, Lanckoroński, Jastrzębski and also a Hungarian family of Wesselin. The castle is the best example of a knight’s residence of its kind preserved in Poland. Its chambers have been carefully restored and are open to visitors.


Dębno 189
32-852 Dębno
Latitudine e longitudine: 49.964278,20.716056
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