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Film Center "Helios"


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Film Center "Helios" in Katowice has 9 rooms housing the 2,161 people, speaker system Surround Dolby Digital EXC and three-dimensional graphics.
The Center offers the viewer first release in this festive release, film special screenings, night movie nights and special screenings for students in the film clubs.
In the complex available to viewers Helios Bar and Cafe Nescafe.
"Helios" is located in a shopping service, "Altus", located in the city center.

Book by phone:
  • Individual: +48 (0) 32 603 01 01
  • Group: +48 (0) 32 601 01

"Helios" znajduje się w centrum handlowo usługowym "Altus", położonym w samym centrum miasta.

Rezerwacja telefoniczna: +48 (0) 32 603 01 01


Uniwersytecka 13
40-007 Katowice
Provincia: ŚLĄSKIE
Latitudine e longitudine: 50.2615624733,19.024919271469
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