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Archaeological Festival in Biskupin


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Fecha y hora de inicio:
- 2015-09-12 00:00
Fecha y hora de finalización:
- 2015-09-20 00:00


Muzeum Archeologiczne w Biskupinie
88-410 Biskupin

A periodic archaeological event held at the renowned throughout Europe Archaeological Reserve.

One of Europe’s largest archaeological festivals takes place in Biskupin every year, in the third week of September. Over a period of nine days, at the site of the Archaeological Reserve, the most varied aspects of human life from ancient times are presented. This is accompanied with music and dance, displays of early medieval combat and rites, archery and crossbow shooting, coin stamping and much more. The main theme of last year’s festival was “The Rus, known and unknown”. Festival participants could enjoy, among others, dance and music shows, ancient rites and religious rituals, early medieval combat and methods of tanning leather, bone carving, weaving, spinning, medieval cooking and archery. It is worth noting that demonstrations of ancient production techniques take place in Biskupin during other times of the year (in May or June, for example). They arouse a keen interest among visitors and scientific experiments improve the knowledge of archaeologists. The Archaeological Festival is organised by the Archaeological Museum in Biskupin together with the Institute of Archaeology at the University of Warsaw. The 12th Festival took place in the second half of September 2011.

Archaeological Museum in Biskupin (woj. Kujawsko-Pomorskie)


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Latitud y longitud: 52.783333,17.716667


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