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Łódź Design Festival


General information

  • Facility type: Eventos culturales, Festivales


  • Start date: 2018-05-19
  • End date: 2018-05-27


  • Organizer: Łódź Art Center
  • Locality: Łódź
  • Street name: Tymienieckiego
  • House No: 3
  • Phone: +48 426842095
  • email:
  • Website:

Lodz Design Festival is currently the most important event related to the design in Central and Eastern Europe. Festival is well known for its variety - from industrial design through art craft design, graphic design, architecture, design services, up to fashion.

Lodz Design Festival is an idea, people, action. It was created in 2007, taking in its beginnings from achievements of Polish design. The focal point of the festival is always the main thematic program, consisting of exhibitions, curatorial, and its rich repertoire of accompanying events. Thanks to close dialogue with customers, festival program has been enriched with new elements, until it reached the current shape with exhibitions like: "Make me!"- Competition for novice designers; "Must have" - the best Polish emerging project implementation; lectures and presentations form a source of inspiration and "Edukreacja" - educational area for children.

Łódź Design Festival


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Province: łódzkie

+48 426842095

N 51° 45' 33.2958"
E 19° 27' 21.5382"

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