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International Festival of the Folklore


General information

  • Facility type: Eventos culturales, Festivales


  • Date: 2018-07-15


  • Organizer: Regionalne Centrum Animacji Kultury

History of the International Folklore Festival dates back to 1964 when Zielona Gora became a meeting place and presentation of various cultures from all over the world.

For four years the festival has been called the Faces of Tradition. It brings to mind the various "faces" of customs and cultures presented by artists. The invited folk groups will present their artistic program in Zielona Gora, Lagow and other places in the Lubuski Region. In addition, on the pedestrian zone of Zielona Gora folklore lessons, folko-jarmark, workshops, concerts, folk games and others will be held. Competition concerts will be presented in the Lubuski Theatre and Gala of Tradition – in Zielona Gora Amphitheatre.

International Festival of the Folklore

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Sienkiewicza 11
Zielona Góra 65-431

Province: lubuskie

+48 684529305

N 51° 56' 8.235"
E 15° 30' 22.269"

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